Current Courses

From the winter semester 2020/21 onwards, each year at least four courses are provided which are held by internationally renowned researchers. These courses will take place in rotation at the four locations (Chemnitz, Dresden, Freiberg, Leipzig). The courses for 2021 will be announced soon. Additionally, The Faculty of Economics at the TU Dresden offers further method-oriented courses, which can also be attended by doctoral students and postdocs of the partner institutions.

Configurative Systematic Reviews in the Social SciencesProf. Dr. Olaf Zawacki-Richter
Meta-Analysis in Business Research
Associate Professor Alexander Edeling
Scale Development in Survey Research
Professor Heiner Evanschitzky
20.01./21.01.2022Case Study ResearchProf. Martin Wiener
Design Science Research – How to Scientifically Develop Artifacts and Solve ProblemsProf. Dr. Alfred Benedikt Brendel
10./31.03.2022Der Forschungsprozess in der technologieorientierten BetriebswirtschaftslehreProf. Dr. Roy Fritzsche
16./17.06.2022Qualitative Research Methods and Reflexive Research DesignProf. Dan Kärreman PhD