Current Courses

Within the Saxon Doctoral Program at least four research methods courses are offered each year, which are held by internationally renowned scientists. These courses will take place alternately at four locations (Chemnitz, Dresden, Freiberg, Leipzig). Additionally, we offer short workshops that can also be attended by doctoral students and postdocs of partner institutions.

Research Methods Courses

14.02./15.02.2024DresdenCase Study ResearchProf. Dr. Martin Wiener
OnlineDesign of Survey StudiesProf. Dr. Thomas Günther
09./10.04.2024LeipzigInterdisciplinary Research at the Interface of Marketing, Accounting and FinanceProf. Dr. Alexander Edeling
25./26.04.2024ChemnitzMeta-Analysis and Meta-Regression Analysis for Economics and BusinessProf. Tom Stanley
12./13.07.2024LeipzigPublishing in Leading JournalsProf. Ajay Kohli
09./12.08 2024 DresdenAdvanced Integer Programming Prof. Alexandra M. Newman
10./11.09.2024DresdenGathering Open Data: Web Scraping and APIsJun.-Prof. Dr. Tristan Becker
25./26./27.09.2024DresdenStata® 101 – Introduction to Data Management, Analysis, and VisualizationProf. Dr. Peter Schäfer

Short Workshops

There are currently no short workshops