Publishing in Leading Journals

LecturerProf. Ajay Kohli
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
(09:00 am – 05:00 pm each day)
Room/AdressLeipzig University, Faculty of Economics and Management Science,
Grimmaische Str. 12, 04109 Leipzig
Seminar contentThis course is aimed at helping students develop skills in publishing in top journals. It discusses a variety of issues including organizing the content of a research paper to writing effectively for academic audiences, developing theoretical contributions, mechanics of submitting research papers to top journals, and dealing with the academic review process successfully.

Workshop outline:
Day 1
1) A Finished Paper’s Content by Sections
2) Writing for Academics
3) Developing Theory Sections

Day 2
4) Developing Theory Sections (cont’d)
5) Submitting to Journals
6) Responding to Reviewers
CertificatePh.D. students from the Faculty of Business and Economics, TU Dresden cannot earn a certificate according to § 9 of the Ph.D. doctoral regulations (PromO 2018).
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