Publishing in Leading Journals

LecturerProf. Ajay Kohli, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
with classes at 9 am – 5 pm each day
Room/AddressSR 14 (I 302) in the institute building
(Universität Leipzig, Faculty of Economics and Management Science, Grimmaische Str. 12, 04109 Leipzig)
Seminar contentThis course is aimed at helping students develop skills in publishing
in top journals. It discusses a variety of issues including organizing
the content of a research paper to writing effectively for academic
audiences, developing theoretical contributions, mechanics of
submitting research papers to top journals, and dealing with the
academic review process successfully.
Workshop outline:
Day 1
1) A Finished Paper’s Content by Sections
2) Writing for Academics
3) Developing Theory Sections
Day 2
4) Developing Theory Sections (cont’d)
5) Submitting to Journals
6) Responding to Reviewers
RegistrationParticipation is limited. 
To register send until 16.06.2024 an e-mail to Dr. Uta Schwarz:
Phone: +49 351 463-33141