Interdisciplinary Research at the Interface of Marketing, Accounting and Finance

LecturerProf. Dr. Alexander Edeling
KU Leuven, Belgium
9:00 am to 5:00 pm each day
Room/AddressRoom SR 1
Universität Leipzig, Faculty of Economics and Management Science, Grimmaische Str. 12, 04109 Leipzig
Seminar contentThis course aims at providing PhD students in marketing, finance, accounting and management with an overview of the so-called marketing-finance interface, an area of research that investigates the relationships between marketing- related constructs and metrics that incorporate the behavior of financial-market participants, including analysts, investors, and creditors. We will discuss the benefits and challenges of interdisciplinary research. In addition, we will explore conceptual and methodological insights related to this research area. We will also look at emerging trends that affect not only this but several other research areas, such as environmental, social, and governmental issues, or the increasing use of AI by companies and researchers alike.

Workshop outline:
Day 1
1) The Pro’s and Con’s of Interdisciplinary Research
2) Who Does Research within the Marketing-Finance Interface
3) Foundation of the Marketing-Finance Interface
4) Marketing Mix and Firm Value
Day 2
5) Marketing Assets and Firm Value
6) The Impact of the Financial Market on Marketing Decisions
7) Methods in the Marketing-Finance Interface
8) Recent Trends within the Marketing-Finance Interface
CertificateDoctoral candidates from the Faculty of Business and Economics, TU Dresden can earn a certificate according to § 9 of the Ph.D. doctoral regulations (PromO 2018):
Doctoral candidates of Business Administration: § 9 (1) Nr. 5 or 6
Doctoral candidates of Business Information Systems: § 9 (1) Nr. 6
Doctoral candidates of Economics: § 9 (1) Nr. 6

Doctoral candidates from other universities can earn a certificate as well.
Required Readings
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  • Porter, A. L., Roessner, J. D., Cohen, A. S., & Perreault, M. (2006). Interdisciplinary research: meaning, metrics and nurture. Research Evaluation, 15(3), 187-195.
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Assignment (1) Attend all classes
(2) Participation in class and group discussions
(3) Read all mandatory reading assignments
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