Behavioral Research With Experiments

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Martin Fritze (Universität zu Köln and visiting professor at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania)
Date 04.04./05.04.2023
with classes at 9 am – 6 pm
Room/Address Tuesday: S 017, Wednesday: S 204 (Universität Leipzig, Universitätsstr. 1, 04109 Leipzig)
Seminar content This two-day course introduces you to the fundamentals and advanced methods of designing and analyzing experimental research. The focus is on developing experimental designs for behavioral research. Participants will learn how to design experiments through hands-on exercises, discover exploratory perspectives on experimental data and theory development, and receive an introduction to current paradigms for using experiments in (multi-method) research articles in management and marketing.
Preparation material In keeping with the practical approach of the course, participants are encouraged to use their own projects for the experimental design exercises and, if desired, bring specific questions about their own research to the course*.
Reading assignments:
  • Van Heerde, H. J., Moorman, C., Moreau, C. P., & Palmatier, R. W. (2021). Reality check: Infusing ecological value into academic marketing research. Journal of Marketing, 85(2), 1-13.
  • Morales, A. C., Amir, O., & Lee, L. (2017). Keeping it real in experimental research—Understanding when, where, and how to enhance realism and measure consumer behavior. Journal of Consumer Research, 44(2), 465-476.
  • Pieters, R. (2017). Meaningful mediation analysis: Plausible causal inference and informative communication. Journal of Consumer Research, 44(3), 692-716.
* Please submit your questions until March 28, 2023 to
Certificate Ph.D. students from the Faculty of Business and Economics, TU Dresden can earn a certificate according to § 9 of the Ph.D. doctoral regulations (PromO 2018):
Ph.D. students of Business Administration: § 9 (1) Nr. 5 or 6
Ph.D. students of Business Information Systems: § 9 (1) Nr. 6
Ph.D. students of Economics: § 9 (1) Nr. 6

Ph.D. students from other universities can earn a certificate as well.
Assignment (1) Attend all classes
(2) Participation in class and group discussions
(3) Read the reading assignments
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