Theories, Methods, and Publication Strategies in Sustainability Management Research

LecturerProf. Dr. Joern Hoppmann
(Carl von Ossietzky Universität)
Date15.07.2021 (09.00-14.30)
16.07.2021 (09.00-14.30)
Place Online
Number of
max. 10
Target groupPhD students with a focus on/interest in the field of sustainability management
The goal of the PhD seminar is to make participants familiar with the most important theories and methods
in the field of sustainability management, and discuss publication strategies, so PhD students can better
decide, which theoretical perspectives to use in their own projects, develop empirically rigorous papers, and enhance their chance of publishing in highly ranked academic journals. Prior to the seminar, each participant will be assigned one empirical paper that builds on a specific theoretical perspective. Drawing on the paper as well as theoretical background literature, students will then prepare a 20-minute presentation that
includes a brief summary of the paper, gives an overview of the paper’s theory and method, critically
examines their strengths and weaknesses, and briefly discusses the relevance of the theory/method for
student’s own PhD project.

Apart from presenting and discussing the results of their homework assignments, during the seminar
students will get input on
(1) theorizing,
(2) research methodology, and
(3) journals and publication strategies from the lecturer.
In addition, toward the end of the course, students will have the opportunity to ask general questions related to the pursuit of a PhD and an academic career in a Q&A session.
CertificatePh.D. students from the Faculty of Economics, TU Dresden can earn a certificate according to § 9 of the Ph.D. doctoral regulations (PromO 2018):
Ph.D. students of Business Management: § 9 (1) Nr. 5 or 6
Ph.D. students of Business Informatics: § 9 (1) Nr. 6
Ph.D. students of Economics: § 9 (1) Nr. 6
Ph.D. students from other universities can earn a certificate as well.
AssignmentPresentation by students (not graded)
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