Configurative Systematic Reviews in the Social Sciences

LecturerProf. Dr. Olaf Zawacki-Richter
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg (Germany)
Date5.11./12.11./19.11./03.12.2021 (9-12 each day)
Room/AdressOnline (Organization: TU Chemnitz)
Seminar Content Conducting a systematic review is a fruitful exercise for early career researchers and doctoral students, to
gain a solid overview of a given topic, in order to develop their own research topics and agendas. This
workshop provides a dense introduction to the basic steps in systematic review methodology:
the development of a review question and search strategy, documentation of the systematic review process,
screening and coding of studies based on clearly defined selection criteria, synthesis and reporting, and
finally publishing of results. Participants will be exposed to various software tools to support the process of
systematic reviews, and content analysis in general. The workshop will be facilitated by the lead editor of the recently published book „Systematic Reviews in Educational Research – Methodology, Perspectives, and
Application“ (2020, Springer Open). Participants are encouraged to bring in their own research questions. On completion of this workshop, they will be able to launch their own systematic review project – which could
be the first study in a paper-based dissertation.
Participants are encouraged to bring in their own research questions for a systematic review. On completion of this workshop, they will…
  • have gained a solid overview of the systematic review process and learned how to document each step
    in a review protocol,
  • be able to generate a review question based on the PICO framework,
  • have learned how to develop a search strategy and to select studies using selection criteria,
  • be able to discuss the quality of included studies,
  • get acquainted with software tools for systematic reviews, and
  • be exposed to published examples of systematic reviews in the social science.
CertificatePh.D. students from the Faculty of Economics, TU Dresden can earn a certificate according to § 9 of the Ph.D. doctoral regulations (PromO 2018):
Ph.D. students of Business Management: § 9 (1) Nr. 5 or 6
Ph.D. students of Business Informatics: § 9 (1) Nr. 6
Ph.D. students of Economics: § 9 (1) Nr. 6

Ph.D. students from other universities can earn a certificate as well.
RegistrationParticipation is limited (max. 20).
In order to have a rough idea on what participants are working on, we kindly ask participants to send us their topic and stage of the PhD, as well as the reason why they want to participate prior to the workshop.

To register send an e-mail to Dr. Uta Schwarz:
Phone: +49 351 463-33141
Please download the following file for further information: Configurative Systematic Review